Since 1992, Roofing Solutions LLC has been a trusted commercial and industrial roofing contractor by hundreds of businesses in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We provide a full range of turn-key roofing services including every aspect of your roof’s life cycle from repairs and maintenance up to full scale replacement.



Expert Analysis & Design

Every report and re-roofing proposal we provide is designed and handcrafted by true roofing design professionals - not just a sales person. All elements of design criteria are studied, researched, and evaluated for your specific roofing project- considering things like insulation r-values and energy savings payback, building geography and wind zones/uplift requirements, positive drainage and tapered insulation systems, and many other facets of technical design. When you receive our comprehensive report package, we want you to feel that it is the most comprehensive and well-designed solution that you have received for your project.


Top Rated Workmanship

Having worked side-by-side with Johns Manville’s technical and training department heads for decades, our crews learn from the best in the industry. Ongoing training to maintain the highest level of quality has been a cornerstone of our company since day one. As a result of this commitment, we have never had a warranty claim in the company’s history and are ranked among the top 10% of all approved contractors in the Midwest region. Every customer deserves our best effort and we will settle for nothing less.


Competitive Pricing

Having been doing this exact style of work for over 31 years, our pricing is always competitive and market sensitive. Our focus is on providing the greatest value to you.


Long-Term, Full-System Guarantees

The truth is, most guarantees in the roofing industry aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Limited warranties on materials with a contractor’s labor guarantee are a recipe for backdoors and shifting blame. What if you have a leak and then the manufacturer comes out and says there’s nothing wrong with the materials- it was just installed incorrectly? What if the roofing contractor goes out of business 3 years in to your 20 year guarantee? There are many more scenarios but you get the point. A new roof is too large an investment to take that chance with.

That’s why every re-roofing project we complete comes with a full system guarantee directly from the manufacturer- Johns Manville’s Peak Advantage Guarantee. As a single source guarantee, the manufacturer guarantees the materials and the workmanship on a no-dollar-limit basis for the entire life of the guarantee- 20 years or more. You benefit from having expert quality control throughout the entire process with the manufacturer’s technical department and inspectors acting on your behalf to make sure your new roof is installed perfectly to their specifications. At the end of the process, Johns Manville, a Berkshire-Hathaway Corporation, stands behind your new roof 100%.


Technology Driven Process

At RSL, we stay on the forefront of technology and use things like infrared thermal imaging equipment (ground and aerial based), HD production quality drones with high-resolution photos and 4k video, industry-leading production and reporting software, and many more tools to provide the most positive, complete, and robust solutions to our customers. We place a high priority on our customer’s experience with us and these tools help us create one that rises above the competition.


Industry-Leading Online Project Management

From daily reports delivered right to your inbox during re-roofing projects to custom portals containing inspection reports, budgeting matrices, and executive summary style reporting, our Solution One Online Portal gives you access to all your roof’s information from the palm of your hand. You can expect complete transparency and communication when working with us on any roofing project.

Why we do it?

Our mission is to challenge the status quo in the industry and change the way our customers view the roofing process. We start by listening- not talking. For the most part, people don’t know a whole lot about roofing- and why should they? Roofs can last for 20, even 30 years, so the roofing process isn’t something people have to deal with very often. When it comes time to “do something about the roof”, most people start the process at square one. Our entire “sales” process doesn’t really involve much “sales”. We want to give you the tools to make an informed decision through education, a conversation about your specific goals / needs for the next roofing system, and providing the most economical options that fit your stated objectives.

Our report will contain:

Photos with detailed descriptions of the issues at play, that were written up for your report specifically- not pre-canned text from a software program.
Cross section CAD sketches of the existing roofing system as well as sketches for each of your options.
Detailed Roof Plans noting every item on the roof as well as secondary plans that map out exactly what we are proposing.
Industry-based recommendations and manufacturer submittals.

Contrast our approach with the “one-page” proposal from so many other roofing contractors and you see why we do it.


The proof is in the numbers. Here are some quick stats on our first 31 years.

Our owner, John Leslie, has been in the roofing industry since 1980- over 39 years of experience doing this exact style of work.

Recommended contractor by Firestone Building Products, Johns Manville, and GAF. Approved to install their longest-term warranties (Red Shield, Peak Advantage, System Pledge).

Our crew size varies between 6 men to over 25 men per project, based on the size of the project.

The average length of employment for our employees is more than 5 years, with some having been here since the very beginning.

How can we help you on your next roofing project?

Roofing Solutions can install / repair all of the major roofing system types with the highest quality in the form of replacement systems, recovery systems, restoration options, or repairs.

These systems include:

Conventional "Built-Up" Roofing (BUR)

Modified Bitumen "Built-Up" Roofing (APP / SBS)

Thermoplastic Single-Ply Roofing (TPO / PVC)

Thermoset Single-Ply Roofing (EPDM)

Liquid Coating / Restoration Systems

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
We also use infrared technology to build custom solutions, some of which have saved our customers over 30% compared to replacement.

What do our customers say?

  • Cris L.
    Roofing Solutions completed the roof for ZEUS Battery Products in Bloomingdale, and their team was very thorough. They took the time to show us the quality materials they specified for our job and why. All staff members were very courteous and understanding of the fact that we still had a business to operate during the week-long repair. Definitely a top notch company!
    Cris L.
    Zeus Battery Products
  • Tony Rizutto
    The roof on our 53,000 sq. ft. building was in need of replacement. Upon receiving several bids, we found ourselves with a tough decision to make as we had several options to choose from. I feel that we made the right decision in awarding the bid to Roofing Solutions as they did an excellent job handling the entire project from start to finish.
    Tony Rizutto
    Transportation Repairs & Services
  • Phillip O.
    Your method of project management from initial quoting to follow-up and after the final product was very professional and accommodating. Your total quality far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for your work and professionalism
    Phillip O.
    Arrem Plastics
  • Jeff B.
    The service that my tenant received during the re-roofing process was extraordinary. I will continue to refer my clients to Roofing Solutions, and know that they will appreciate the personalized service and attention to detail.  
    Jeff B.
    Paine/Wetzel Associates
  • RSL Past Customer
    These guys are like custom home builders. They don?t do 1,000 roofs a year, but the quality of the ones they do produce are on another level entirely.
    RSL Past Customer

The RSL Management Team